Readers photos: Bridges of the new Silver Lake trail

/West Jacobs photo

The new paved trail that runs through Silver Lake Park is near completion.

West Jacobs of Trevor was out on the trail recently and shared photos he took of the bridges, which impressed him. Says West:

Was out in the Silver Lake Park and took these today, Dec 4. A few weeks back I was talking to two of the construction men who were from Ohio, and let them know they really did a fine job. They claim both can handle up around 15 tons.  I think more. The picture looking through the rails is where we used to cross the creek.”

Jonathan Rudie, Kenosha County General Manager of Park Operations, gave the following update on the status of the trail:

The Silver Lake trail is not quite complete.  There are some railings that have yet to be installed by the contractor and trail signage. The trail is not officially open but we are seeing quite a few walkers out enjoying it already. … The view of the lake from the trail is great and the trail bridges architecturally blend into the surrounding landscape nicely.”

/West Jacobs photo

/West Jacobs photo

/West Jacobs photo

/West Jacobs photo

/West Jacobs photo

/West Jacobs photo



  1. a W ot I Citizen says:

    A beautiful looking bridge built by craftsmen who know what they are doing!
    Could that be a Silver Lake Loch Ness monster in the foreground of the first picture??

  2. Matt says:

    I walk that trail often. I have several videos I took of the scenery from various locations along the trail. Very well constructed! Beautiful scenery!

  3. juddie brandes says:

    I have walked that trail often and have been looking forward to finally showing it to a friend who has to use a wheelchair.
    Its a great trail for bike riders & walkers but too bad people who need wheelchairs or walkers have no access to it! Parking along hwy. B entrance to the trail is not allowed and even if you could park to get close enough with the wheelchair or walker the entrance road to the trail is pretty steep to get up.

  4. Randy Brown says:

    I walk the trail often but come on it from the boat landing trail. I just wonder how many ppl know that there used to be a ice house on that trail long long time ago and that the new trail that they blacked topped used to be railroad tracks to haul ice. I think it would be nice if someone had pics of the train cars or of the old ice house then put them on the trail so ppl could walk the trail and see the history of the area

  5. Jake says:

    Randy, I saw what I believed was a part of some sort of boiler? near the North end of the trail in the swap edge.

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