Highway C and MB roundabout is open to traffic

Getting through Bristol is a little easier today after the opening of the Highway C and MB roundabout.

The former two-way stop intersection opened late Friday. I checked at about 11 a.m. and then again at 3 p.m., but the barricades were still up on Friday. Word is that it did open up later on Friday.

The transformation of the intersection started in late August.

Here’s some video I took today of the roundabout experience. I was initially travelingĀ eastboundĀ on C and drove through the roundabout to northbound MB.



  1. Bristol Resident says:

    Drove through it today. So much better, so easy and so much safer. We need more of them. Not sure why people object them??

  2. Peter says:

    I will have to check it out. I think people object to roundabouts because they are something new (to them). Once a person gets used to roundabouts they make so much sense. Not only easier and safer, they make intersections more attractive too.

  3. john ultsch says:

    big waste of money,there is not that much traffic on hwy mb going north or south.if im driving on mb and have to yeild to traffic on hwy c im pretty muched stopped. why not leave the stop signs up.drove thru one in Il on huntclub rd what a train wreck

  4. Brstol Resident says:

    John….I’m taking a deeeep breath before I respond to you tomorrow…..

  5. Troy says:

    Instead of cruising along Highway C comfortably at 55 mph on a rural road with little cross traffic, my drive is interrupted by this pointless roundabout. I’m okay with roundabouts at appropriate locations, but not out in the middle of nowhere like this one. “Great” job, Kenosha County. You closed HWY C for months for that waste of money? From now on, let’s make it a goal to keep traffic moving.

  6. Bristol Resident says:

    John, the whole reason for a roundabout is to get all directions of trafic to slow down without having to stop, without having lane crossing and make the area safer. What you described you did proved that it did it’s job and you didn’t have to stop.

    I’ve driven through both of the roundabouts on Hunt club Road in the Wadworh/Gurnee area many, many times at all times of the day and never ever have any problems. ALWAYS cars going through smoothly……….

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