Highways C and MB roundabout to open Friday

This combination of two images shows the current Highways C and MB intersection in Bristol at the top and an overlay of the new roundabout intersection below.

If you are one of the many Western Kenosha County residents who have been inconvenienced by the construction of a roundabout intersection at Highways C and MB in Bristol  there’s good news for you. The director of the county Highways Department says the intersection will be opened for traffic again this Friday, Nov. 30.

From Gary Sipsma, county Highway Commissioner:

We intend to open the intersection on Friday 11/30. Everything will be completed except the street lighting. The street light installation is delayed due to manufacturing of the poles. Hopefully the poles will be available soon. Regardless, the intersection will be open and will function as intended. We also need to complete planting the center of the roundabout and install the bike bypass lanes next spring.”

Construction on the intersection started in late August. Formerly it had stop signs on the Highway MB approaches to Highway C, with C as a through road. Highway and village fire department officials said the intersection saw more than its share of serious crashes in its old configuration.


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  1. West of the I Citizen says:

    Such a bug deal about Round – abouts. Consider the round-about in Milton today on HWY 59 where a Tanker Truck loaded with ethanol tipped over on its side and has been leaking its cargo for over a day and HWY 59 is closed. We need a moratorium on these ill engineered sideway speed bumps.

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