Reader photos: Eagles in Silver Lake

/Juddie Brandes photo

Juddie Brandes of Silver Lake captured these photos of eagles along the shore and flying over Silver Lake on Thursday.

Thanks for sharing them, Juddie!

/Juddie Brandes photo

/Juddie Brandes photo



  1. Allen says:

    Those are most likely the resident eagles…….they have been here for atleast 2 years now. Great pictures!!

  2. Matt says:

    I would really like to find out where these were. I’d like to get some photos and video myself. Hopefully they’ll be sticking around for awhile! Very cool!

  3. Allen says:

    Matt…….they have been seen mostly near the DNR launch and by Silver Lake Park. They have been around quite a while now

  4. juddie brandes says:

    Matt, The 2 eagles I took pictures of were in the trailer park right in Silver Lake. I have asked several others who live on the lake to let me know if they show up again and so far they have not been seen since. I go to the lake often on the trails & that is the first time I have ever seen eagles in the 47 years I have lived in Silver Lake.

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