Paris Town Board approves 2013 budget

The Paris Town Board approved its 2013 budget Wednesday night at a special meeting.

The 2013 budgeted expenditures are about $213,000 less than the 2012 budget. Most of that reduction (about $194,000) comes from the town paying less toward town property owners’  county taxes. In past years, the town has paid 100 percent of property owners taxes. This year, the town will pay 80 percent and the town 20 percent.

The reduction is due to reduced town revenues from the Waste Management Pheasant Run Landfill.

The town does not levy a property tax.

Supervisor Ron Kammerzelt said an area of increased spending in the 2013 budget is contract labor up to $35,000 in 2013 from $13,000 in 2012. That increase is due to an anticipated re-evaluation of town property values next year.

The budget was approved unanimously by the Town Board.

A breakdown of the budget is available here.



  1. Northwestern Mike says:

    Did they reduce the budget by not having the attorney attend every meeting?

  2. The line item for legal fees was increased $5000. Kammerzelt said this was due to some of the projects they might undertake in 2013, such as exploring I-94 development.

  3. taxpayer says:

    No Mike, as a matter of fact, there were only four of us at the meeting. They kept $70,000.00 in the budget for attorney fees. And yes, the attorney was there too.

  4. resident says:

    Hey – when I look at the attached budget, why would they put $350,000.00 as income for interest for 2013, when so far in 2012, the Town only got $15,000.00? Where in the world are they going to be putting the money that it’s going to get THAT huge of a return?? I would say that the $350,000.00 for interest is an inflated number – totally blown up! Did anyone REALLY look at these figures? Wow!

  5. Cookie says:

    Resident, it would appear that the amount posted to 2013 for interest is the unrealized and realized gains on investments. Closing profitable positions maybe or higher interest certificates that are coming to maturity.

  6. resident says:

    If you look at the treasurer report given out each meeting, there are no certificates to come to maturity. As a matter of fact, all of the accounts have the same amount each month. The treasurer report doesn’t even SHOW the interest on a month to month basis.

  7. Nothing new to see here. says:

    They will never show you the whole truth. Run against and/or vote them out. Two of them are all about smoke and mirrors. They would still have $0 coming in on all that money if it were not for a few tax payers stepping up an challenging their ridiculous investments.

  8. resident says:

    No kidding! Tonight’s the monthly town board meeting – no agenda anywhere!!! Maybe the whole lot of them needs to be replaced in April! Why bother having a website if there’s going to be nothing but “old news” on it? There hasn’t been a planning agenda for almost two years!

  9. Nothing new to see here. says:

    Oh, the agenda is on there now. A day after the meeting. What a joke. This board laughs at the Town Residents.

  10. resident says:

    Yep, and something needs to be done in April. They all get paid very good money to sit there and do nothing. Oh, excuse me – to sit there and let the lawyer do everything, and he’s getting paid too! Why bother having a site on the internet? Put stuff on it the day AFTER the meeting – that’s really keeping an “open door policy” and being very “transparent”, right? I believe those were Kammerzelt’s words a while back. Again – transparent as mud. People in this town aren’t uninformed because they want to be – their uninformed because the TOWN doesn’t want us to be informed.

  11. resident says:

    Where’s the transparency they speak of? Why aren’t ALL minutes on the website? What about those “closed door” meetings? Where’s those minutes? Actually “nothing new to see here”, it’s not a joke anymore. Now us taxpayers are paying more taxes because of the boards lack of “due diligence” (phrase from a board meeting) with the town money.

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