Bristol asks for improvements to Highways C and MB roundabout

This combination of two images shows the current Highways C and MB intersection in Bristol at the top and an overlay of the new roundabout intersection below.

Bristol will request some improvements to the roundabout intersection at Highways MB and C currently being constructed by the county Highway Department.

The village would like to see pedestrian and bike crossings and a colored stamped concrete apron added to the project, which were not in the original county plans, said village President Mike Farrell. Those features were estimated by the county to cost about $14,000.

The board voted 4 to 1 Monday in a pair of motions to have the village not pay the costs of the improvements and ask the county to absorb the costs instead. Trustee Colleen Fisch voted against the motions and Trustee Bill Glembocki was absent.

Farrell said Friday that the county has agreed to pay for the crossings and the stamped concrete apron.

While the area of the intersection currently does not have any sidewalks or bike paths to encourage pedestrian or bike usage that could change in the future and now the intersection will be ready, Farrell said.



  1. Matt says:

    They already want to make improvements to something not completed? This project is already taking way too much time. A stop light would have been effective enough.

  2. Chutie says:

    Here we GO AGAIN. Our local Gov. dosn’t look at the hole package prior to doing it and then as they are doing it they want to make more changes. Why don’t you let the young adults at the local HIGH SCHOOL do the planning….they would do much better.. this is B..ll S..T ON YOUR PART.

  3. Wes Szwedo says:

    Is there really anything wrong with making changes, especially improvements during construction of the Roundabout? If you Matt or Chutie wre building a house and thought of something you wanted to improve while you were in the building stages wouldn’t you make the changes for the better? Makes sense to me…..

  4. Do the changes affect says:

    function of a vehicular roundabout? I dont think so. Demerits on the part of the board for not really looking at the plans and asking for a rendering for those who cant read a blue print.
    Terrible to hear this from a group elected to take the time to review and then vote. About making changed to improve your home? That would depend on how much cash you have laying around. The Village doesnt have cash just sitting. I’ll be reconsidering any sitting official in April.

  5. Anne says:

    Did not need a round about at this intersection. Do not need bike paths no more than they need pedestrian crossings. I have been traveling these to roads all my life never saw pedestriand walking nor bikers riding bikes. Yust another way of feeesing the taxpayers. How about a change to lower taxes instead of finding more ways to burden the tax payers. The exorbitant wages for that nonsense has been ridiculous. They are getting just crazy with these roundabout and the safety is not all that great. People don’t yield at these things.

  6. chops says:

    Roundabouts are a waste of time. This is a highly traveled road and a stop light would have been fine. Waste of commuters time and taxpayer money.

  7. Big John says:

    Anne and chops being ignorant to roundabouts despite the all the studies of current roundabouts improving efficiency, safety and capacity.

    Matt – Not sure why you think this is taking so long. I’ve snooped around the project a couple times and the amount of earth being moved is quite the sight!

  8. Chops says:

    So when is it going to be done?

  9. Feather236 says:

    A few suggestions for future large expenditures: 1) When designing a project of this magnitude put financial stipulations for the construction company if they do not complete on time (barring forces of nature); 2) Consider the financial impact to the community for peforming this construction concurrent with the major I94 construction project, perhaps a temporary traffic signal could have installed.

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