Paris contracts for development study

The Paris Town Board this week contracted for a study of what infrastructure might be needed for development along I-94.

The study, which will cost $15,000, will be conducted by Ehlers and Associates, town Chairman Virgil Gentz said.

The study is part of the town’s efforts to be ready for possible development along I-94, which forms the town’s eastern border.

“We know development is coming along the I,” Gentz said. “We know the landfill is coming to an end.”

In the past, the town has reaped substantial revenue from the Pheasant Run Landfill. That revenue has been so great that the town has not levied for municipal taxes and until this coming year has paid the county taxes of all town property owners. However higher state tipping fees have caused Waste Management to lose business and the landfill to scale back substantially on those payments to Paris.

One of the most logical places for future commercial development could be along Paris’ east border. The town has discussed a boundary agreement with Kenosha, but with little progress so far, Gentz said.

The hope is that the study on possible infrastructure needs and development impact might provide a framework for working out a deal with Kenosha, which would be the likely supplier of sewer and water to any development, such as an industrial park, that might be located in Paris, Gentz said.

The study is expected to be completed in about two to three months, Gentz said.



  1. taxpayer says:

    Mr. Gentz said “little progress so far” regarding the boundary agreement? How about the City isn’t interested at all. At least, that’s what the Mayor told the Kenosha News a few months ago. All these closed door meetings about development along the I, when in fact, they haven’t even been talking to the City. A few years ago, didn’t the Town spend over $15000.00 for a sound study? What happened with that study? Did the town board listen to them? No, they didn’t. Do the residents really think the town board is going to take advice this time? No. It’s just thousands of dollars thrown away again!

  2. Nothing new to see here. says:

    Actually they did listen to the sound study. “Not that loud” were the results. They only wasted thousands of town money and thousands of the drag strips money and time on lawyers. But the rest of your comments are pretty spot on. The town board as it sits is basically reactionary. Too little, too late. i.e. the Pheasant Run.

  3. taxpayer says:

    And, the budget is in the paper, and guess what? Spending didn’t go down. The people have to pay a portion of their taxes because the town needs to “save money”, but, the town is spending more than last year. Hmmmmmmm where’s the savings? There was talk that they weren’t going to have the lawyer at the meetings so much, well then, where’s the extra money going? According to the paper, Paris should have over 25 million at the end of 2013, but,right now we have 23 million – where’s the other 2 million coming from? And, if the Town is getting an extra 2 million this year, why are we paying a portion of our taxes at all? These are questions that are going to be asked on the 14th. Just hope we get answers.

  4. Nothing new to see here. says:

    Please come out in force and ask. The board was happy with measly returns on the 20+ M until some residents stepped in. This board is in WAY over its head.

  5. resident says:

    Unfortunately “taxpayer” and “Nothing new to see here”, the people of this town put this board in charge of over 23 million dollars!!! Not quite sure what kind of promises were made, but, I’m hoping when the money is all gone and people will understand what kind of real mistake they made two years ago.
    Not only do we need to come out in force and ask the questions; we have to demand answers – those board members work for US, and they need to answer our questions. The town board, not the attorney need to answer the questions – the attorney works for the board, not us – who’s butt do you think he’s going to cover.

  6. taxpayer says:

    I just got done looking at the 2013 budget figures. In 2011 the town says they spent 1.3 million dollars on our taxes; well, this year they’re not paying 20%, which SHOULD bring that total down to 1.04 million dollars, but, they only budgeted $900,000.00 for the county portion of the taxes. Who’s going to come up with the extra $100,000.00 difference? The taxpayers of Paris? The Town Board?? WHO? Plus, the figures in the Kenosha news are different than what is on the website, what are we supposed to believe? Just what the hell are people supposed to be voting on? Wednesday night “somebody” better have some answers!!! Plus, the spending for the Town has gone up over $30,000.00 – what happened to cutting things? Is this town board not listening to the residents?

  7. Nothing new to see here. says:

    In a word: no.

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