Salem Pumpkindaze coverage

/Earlene Frederick photo

Salem hosted its first ever Pumpkindaze festival Saturday at the Trevor Fire Station/Highway Department building.

The event included a wide variety of activities including: Craft/Vendor Fair 9:00 am – 4:00 pm; Children’s Activities; Baggo Tournament; 50/50 Raffle; Sample a Variety of Pumpkin Beer/Other Beer Available; Pumpkin Carving Contest; Salem Idol Contest and Bake Sale & Food .

The evening concluded with a Barn Dance featuring local artists Tim Castle & Young Southern.

Here are some more photos from the event by freelacne photographer Earlene Frederick:

Those attending Salem Pumpkindaze were able to get a sneak peek at a new design for Sheriff’s Department squads. /Earlene Frederick photo

There were several kids games to play — and a lot of kids to play them — at Pumpkindaze. /Earlene Frederick photo

The weather was nice, but if it had not been, the town had the capacity to move activities into the large spaces in the Fire Station/Highway Building. The craft and vendor fair show here was set-up inside regardless. /Earlene Frederick photo

/Earlene Frederick photo

/Earlene Frederick photo



  1. Big thanks to all who says:

    Big thanks to all who really advanced the event, w-o-r-k-e-d long and unusual hours to MAKE IT HAPPEN! The SAFETY-VESTers and the PUMPKIN SHIRTers ESPECIALLY… as anyone who entertains knows, the event is still occurring with the take-down, put-away, clean-up, make-it-like-it-was efforts all at the same time as keeping the regluar daily life moving along smoothly!

    Thanks to all those who donated, participated, showed us that they like WHERE THEY LIVE! Where WE Live…..

  2. This was a great event and special thanks to all who volunteered to help make it a success. Kudos to Christi Neuman for making it happen!

  3. Mike Culat says:

    I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of the Town employees who put in countless hours, attended endless meetings, and gave 110 per-cent. To all of the volunteeers who stepped up to all of the various tasks. To all of the vendors who participated. And most of all to all of the great people who came and enjoyed the days festivities. Special thanks to the guys from Public Works who were such gracious hosts, prepring their building and sharing it with everyone to enjoy.

    Look for more great events like this as we go forward.

  4. Jack Niccolai says:

    It was a really great event. I enjoyed the food, fun and music. Nice job everyone.

  5. Maggie P. says:

    That’s my baby in the striped sweater hula hooping how cute! We had a great time! 🙂

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