Fishing line recycling now available at seven Randall-Twin Lakes locations

John Lass displays one of his fishing line recycling stations.

John Lass of Randall built and installed fishing line recycling bins as a Eagle Scout community service project. Now he would like you to know where they are so you can use them.

“I am an avid outdoorsmen and felt the need to try and control fishing line being thrown into our lakes,” Lass said in an email.

The bins are located in the following locations:

  • The DNR Boat Launch on Powers Lake off of Hwy F.
  • The Bayview Park Launch on 396th Ave. Powers Lake.
  • In Lakeside Park in the Knolls Subdivision on Lake Park Drive on Powers Lake.
  • Twin Lakes Bait Shop located on West Main Street in Twin Lakes.
  • Musial Road Boat Launch on Lake Elizabeth in Twin Lakes.
  • Lance Park Boat Launch on Lake Mary off of West Main Street in Twin Lakes.
  • The Boat Launch at the Sand Bar on Lake Elizabeth off of East Lake Shore Drive in Twin Lakes.

“I will empty the bins twice a month and mail the line to Berkley Inc.,” Lass explained. “Berkley Inc. will recycle the line into various fishing equipment and fish cribs.”


One Comment

  1. Dan Gerber says:

    What a great community service this young man has done for the Town of Randall and the Village of Twin Lakes, as an avid outdoorsmen myself I have all to many times see what unwanted fishing line can do to birds and other animals as well as harmful to the lakes.
    Congrats again!

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