Students with disabilities at Wheatland Center enjoying new playground equipment

Students in the Orthopedically Impaired/Other Health Impaired class that is housed at Wheatland Center School are enjoying a more swinging recess this year.

That’s because new playground swings that adapt to their disabilities — even accommodate a wheelchair — were installed over the summer break.

“It is always difficult to find recreational activities that our physically challenged students can participate in,” said Mary Dunham, the OI/OHI teacher. Students in the class come from various Western Kenosha County school districts and have multiple disabilities.

The drive to bring the swings to the school was started by Dusti Grenus, whose daughter is in the class. She wanted a recreation option for her daughter not only for the school year but the rest of the year as well.

Grenus started off the effort to bring the swings to school with a bingo fundraiser last spring to raise money to pay for the swings.

The Wheatland School District also got involved, contributing a federal special education grant and some district funds that needed to be spent on special education, said Jason Tadlock, district administrator.

The swings are installed in areas in padded with recycled rubber. Even the ramp that leads up to the swings is soft, in case of a fall. The pits for the swings were dug by local business Kerkman Brothers Construction.

With the good weather of late, the swings have been getting daily use, Dunham said.

“They all do really enjoy the adapted swings and are really stimulated by the movement,” Dunham said. “We thank parent Dusti Grenus for initiating the project and for spearheading the fund drive. We appreciate all those who helped out or contributed to the effort. We are also grateful to the officials in the Wheatland School District who recognized the need and provided the additional funding that was needed.”

Below is some video of the students enjoying the swings and more photos.

Note: One of the OI/OHI students, Marcus Hillock, is the son of co-publishers Karen and Darren Hillock. — DH


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