Reader participation: Write a message for NFL

So you saw the Packers game last night. And if you didn’t see it as it happened you no doubt have heard about it since then. Here’s the latest from the league on the situation.

So Western Kenosha County, if you were going to write one of those signs people hold up at NFL games to get themselves on TV, what would you want to say to Commissioner Roger Goodell right now? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment to this post. No obscenities please!



  1. Nick Schultz says:

    “Pay the Refs”

  2. Matt says:

    As a die hard Bears fan, even I will admit the packers got the short end. Pay the refs, quit being greedy and get those fired lingere refs outa there!!

  3. Sad in Powers Lake says:

    Come on NFL, don’t follow NASCAR’s ways. How often do you see a sell out race anymore? Don’t forget the billion dollar industry that you enjoy is controlled by those fans that you just laughed at. The NFL did not just offend the PACKER NATION, they offended all sporting fans everywhere.

  4. Bears Fan says:

    I am a Bears Fan and love when the packers lose and love even more to hear the packers fans cry. They did have a right though this time however the way the packers luck goes they will protest and win and will end up getting a win for that game. I do wish the NFL would just pay the refs and be done with all this. Although I will say the refs have been the same for all the teams all the games….So… that being said the Bears are still ahead of the packers all with the same refs….

  5. Felix says:

    Even though the NFL screwed the packers, the Bears still suck.

  6. Packers Fan says:

    I can’t believe we pay refs to make messed up calls like that one. Even the regular refs make horrible calls, granted not a horrible as that. Refs are paid well and there are other places where money can be spent. Overall I’m just unhappy that players and refs feel the need to argue about their salaries that are way more than what I will ever earn. And I’m unhappy about the game, but mostly others stupidity.

  7. Stop Cryin' says:

    Seriously Packer fans, where is the outrage with your offensive line that allowed your QB to get sacked NINE TIMES?? When you’re ahead in the game by enough points, a few crappy calls here and there by the refs shouldn’t matter.

  8. Scott says:

    The negotiations are currently hung up on pension amounts. The NFL is currently a $10-Billion dollar a year industry. The additional pension amount for the refs would be $3-Million a year. This equates to 1/3 of 1%. Is this REALLY worth the problems that it’s causing?? Come on NFL, are you that bad at balancing a $10-Billion dollar budget??

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