Bristol trustee says roundabout work running behind

A view from the Highways C and MB intersection looking west on Sept. 20. /Earlene Frederick photo

The work by the county Highway Department to build a roundabout at the Highways C and MB intersection is about three weeks behind, Bristol Trustee John McCabe reported at Monday’s Village Board meeting.

McCabe said he learned that moving pavement and utilities was three weeks behind from personnel at the site when he went to the site to investigate why his phone service was out. McCabe lives near the intersection.

“It’s not a good start to a project,” McCabe said, adding to village President Mike Farrell “I would have called you but I couldn’t.”

Farrell said he had also checked on the project and found firsthand that deputies are strictly enforcing the detours when he was stopped while checking on the project’s progress.

“I very politely told them why I was going there,” Farrell said.

Fire Chief Peter Parker said his department has set up a response agreement with Pleasant Prairie Fire and Rescue to service the area cut off from his department by the detour. Pleasant Prairie will make the initial response and treatment with Bristol units also responding and transporting patients if needed.

Trustee Ruth Atwood expressed concern about the roundabout, citing problems at a roundabout elsewhere in the state. She said she hoped the design of the local roundabout does not have similar flaws.

“There are a lot of problems with these …,” Atwood said.

A roundabout is also tentatively planned for installation by the state at the Highway 45 and K intersection, along the Bristol-Paris border.

The Highway MB and C roundabout started Aug. 27 and was projected to be completed by mid November.

This combination of two images shows the current Highways C and MB intersection in Bristol at the top and an overlay of how the new roundabout intersection will look below.



  1. Mark says:

    Though the intersection’s closure is annoying, I’m glad a roundabout is being installed. It’s truly a dangerous intersection. Some accidents are likely to continue after the work is complete, but a roundabout will decrease the frequency and severity of such events.

  2. DBB says:

    Not only is this closure annoying there is no need for a roundabout at this intersection. Highways 45 & K do need a roundabout but not here. There are more crashes at Highway U than at MB. Stupid waste of taxpayer dollars.

  3. I think that an elected official, says:

    I think that an elected official, especially one in whose village the construction is occurring, should be getting their information from the “DIRECTOR of HIGHWAYS” at the COUNTY and not from a person on the job who may or may not know the full breadth of the job and who may or may not be a county spokesperson. The comment to the President openly arrogant and not fit for a public meeting. Is there or is there not cooperation on the Bristol Board? Sounds like the answer is NOT. The decision to put in the roundabout has already been made. Why would yet another trustee begin discussion with negativity at this stage of the project. The time for that has well passed. Atwood and McCabe do not make me proud. Also, it sounds like someone could have used a cell but preferred to complain that they only had a land line – which most will doubt as the case. That is all schoolyard scratch and doesnt belong at our meetings.

  4. Facts show that MB is the intersect says:

    Facts and stats how that MB is the intersect of deadly concern, not U.

  5. Bristol Resident says:

    Roundabouts are great and need to be incorporated at many intersection in this area inlcuding C & MB, K & 45, 50 & 45 & state line and 45. They save many lives and are easy to drive through. Waste of taxpayers money?? Ask someone that’s lost a loved one at one of these intersections. Any comments now DBB????? Bet you never have???

  6. David says:

    With all the work at the interstate (Hwy K now closed) and no thru traffic on ‘C’, 3 routes are now compressed into 1 at Hwy 50. The state and counties should coordinate so that residents west of the I aren’t ridiculously inconvenienced. It’s utterly ridiculous how poorly all of these projects are being coordinated.

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