Lakes Mary and Elizabeth trash pick-up coverage

About 30 individuals, including Boys Scouts and other concerned citizens, gathered this morning in Twin Lakes to do their part to decrease the amount of garbage in Lakes Mary and Elizabeth, the local watershed and ultimately help reduce the  Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

How do you do all that from Twin Lakes?

Fairly easily, explained Scout leader Rhett Suhre, who organized the effort. You pick-up trash.

The group used kayaks, canoes and feet to scour the shorelines of both lakes to catch trash before it enters the system or to keep it from getting further downstream. Before the group got started, Suhre explained that garbage that gets into Lakes Mary or Elizabeth can get into the Nippersink watershed, then the Fox River, then the Illinois River and then the Mississippi River and ultimately into the world’s oceans. It might even wind up in the Pacific Garbage Patch, which by some estimates might be as large as 5.8 million square miles.

The volunteers broke up into small groups, with the goal of covering the shoreline of both lakes this morning. Beforehand, volunteers could fuel up on donuts and coffee — but only if they had a reusable cup. No styrofoam or paper cups permitted!

Among the kayaking volunteers was new village administrator Jennifer Pollett, who officially starts her duties Monday.

It was the first year for the pick-up.

Sponsors for the event included: Bodi’s Bake Shop, Manny’s Snack Shack, Sand Bar and Island Grill, Village of Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes Police Department, Sierra Club, 2K Adventure, Boy Scouts and Leave No Trace (LNT).

The bags and gloves used for the clean-up, supplied by the Sierra Club, were to be collected afterwards and used again.


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  1. Rhett Suhre says:

    Thanks to everyone who was involved. It was a great event and we collected a significant amount of trash. We are planning on making this an annual event. The 2013 date is Saturday, September 7 at 8 a.m. Put it on your calendar!

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