Central High School Falcons JV and freshman football highlights week 3

Here are the highlights of the Central High School Falcons JV football game on Thursday versus Lake Geneva Badger:

1st QTR – Opening Drive by Badgers led to their first TD run of 60 yards and extra point good. Kick to Falcons good for a 30 yard return to the 42 yard line. Falcons fell short in the end zone which forced a punt that landed on the 20 yard line, almost recovered by Falcons. Falcons holding Badgers at the 22 yard line pushing to the 34 yard line and forced a turnover to Falcons. 15 yard pass complete to bring Falcons to their own red zone which led to TD by QB #7 with blocking assistance by #66. 45 seconds left on the clock Badgers ball passes and intercepted by Falcons #18 for a great run to Falcons 30 yard line. Falcons QB breaks from an almost sack and hurdles over player to the end zone which call was reversed and penalty enforced but that didn’t stop the Falcons to push harder.

2nd QTR – Falcons have ball at their 34 yard line, 30 yard pass to #20 wide open for a TD to bring score to 12-7 Falcons. Badgers had a good run which led to another TD and extra point good. Badgers kick to 43 yard line giving Falcons good field position to only turn the ball over to Badgers with 4:24 left in the half. Holding penalty on Badgers pushes them back 15 yards to only have Falcons #85 to sack the QB and turnover to Falcons. Falcons had a great run on this possession until a fumble with 50.9 left on the clock.

3rd QTR – Opening driver by Falcons to 1st down, then another 1st down to Falcons 37 yard line, another 1st down to 22 yard line as they are now in the red zone which leads to TD by #42 Falcons run in for the extra point. Good kick by Badgers puts them on the 34 yard line fumbles on the snap turnover to Falcons on their own 30 yard line. Short pass by Falcons QB#7 to #42 which puts them in the red zone for TD on next play. Score 24-14. Falcons defense is on fire at this time in the game and just keeps pushing the Badgers offense farther back from a 1st down.

4th QTR – Falcons ball on 18yard line with a 40 yard pass just missed by inches to force a punt on 4th down. Badgers QB sacked by a lot of Falcons, long pass by Badgers missed to force a 4th down run at the 40 yard line. Falcon ball nice run to 1st down to the 20 yard line by #42. Falcons QB#7 keeps the ball for a run to the end zone TD to move score to 32-14 with 2:32 left in the game. Badgers just couldn’t catch up at the end.

Final JV Score Falcons 32 – Badgers 14. Falcons JV is now 3 and 0 for the season so far.


Here are some highlights of the Central High School Falcons Freshman football game on Thursday versus Lake Geneva Badger:

5 min. left on the clock Falcons score to make game 12-8. 3:39 left ball on Falcons 40 yard line as Badgers advance for 1st down with a break through the Falcons line for a TD which gave Badgers the lead 16-12. 2:14 left Falcons run 5yds to 3rd down as Falcons couldn’t get the break they needed to another 1st down as the clock runs out.

Final Score: Falcons 12 – Badgers 16


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  1. Stacey Kuhfuss says:

    What a Great Game, the Westosha Central High School JV Falcons are on fire this year. Go Falcons Go~ Keep up the Great Teamwork Boys!!

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