Salem to contribute to Silver Lake plant study

The Salem Town Board has agreed to share the cost of an aquatic plant study of Silver Lake that is being pursued by the Silver Lake village government.

The Silver Lake Village Board initiated the study and obtained a quote from Lake and Pond Solutions for $3,600.

The Silver Lake shoreline is divided between the municipalities of Salem and Silver Lake. Kenosha County’s Silver Lake Park is also on the lake. Sharing the cost of the study between the village, the town and the county has been proposed.

The Town Board approved spending up to 50 percent of the cost of the study, in case the county chooses not to participate.

Town Board members at the special meeting Tuesday where the matter was considered all expressed support for the study and said it was an important step to better managing the lake.

Currently there is no active entity managing lake quality for Silver Lake. The survey would be used as one of the first steps toward creating a lake management entity of some sort and pursuing active management to improve the quality of the lake, one of the largest in Western Kenosha County.

The Salem board members also said participation by Salem is appropriate because more than half of the shoreline is in Salem.

“Those are our citizens,” said Supervisor Dennis Faber. “We tax those citizens. I feel we should represent them by contributing to this study.”

Faber and town Chairman Diann Tesar agreed to represent Salem on the study’s advisory committee.


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  1. lake studies. says:

    Then will come Cross, Montgomery, Rock
    After all, they too are lakes surrounded by communities and would be used more it they were accessible with parks and parking, and were tested for bacteria during hot weather. Then there is money from the taxpayers to the lakes which have taxing districts Center, Camp Hooker because they too should have a share in the funding being given to a lake that is in the town but is not partolled or in any way controlled by the town.
    The caretaking of the lake belongs with a lake district or a lake association not a town unless all the lakes are to be controlled, cared for by the town.
    For those people who have already paid with additional taxes, for a lake study and then to implement what was suggested but which did not ask for town help, you have been double taxed. Put a slightly different way, when will VofPaddock Lake pay half (or more) of any study or work on Hooker Lake since they are the major controlling governmental body on that lake?

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