Work on Highway C and MB roundabout to begin Tuesday; detour in effect

This combination of two images shows the current Highways C and MB intersection in Bristol at the top and an overlay of how the new roundabout intersection below.

Traffic will be detoured around the Highway C and MB intersection in Bristol beginning Tuesday as work that will construct a single-lane roundabout at the intersection begins, Gary A. Sipsma, Kenosha County Director of Highways reports.

The intersection will be closed to traffic for the duration of the project.

The contractor for the project is Payne and Dolan. The contract amount for the project is $827,638.  Kenosha County will be reimbursed for $306,143 of the project cost from the state through the Local Road Improvement Program.

The project involves the complete reconstruction of the intersection. This segment Highway C has historically been the location of numerous vehicle crashes including fatalities. Additionally, the project will completely replace antiquated drainage facilities that have caused flooding of the intersection and adjacent properties. The intersection improvements are designed specifically to improve the vehicle crash and flooding issues.

It is anticipated that all work associated with the project will be completed by Mid-November 2012.

The detour route for the project will be posted using Highway 45/Highway Q/Highway U. Alternatively, motorist may choose to use Highway 50 as a detour route depending on their destination. Access to all residents, businesses and farms will be maintained.

Motorists are advised to use caution when driving in the vicinity of this project and on the detour routes.



  1. roundabouts says:

    I have already heard complaints about this but, The roadway is dangerous and westbound is easily illusioinal especially at night. The roundabout protects those who live in the crash zone and at the same time does not diminish their properties. There are no big developments that are being altered with asphalt and in the end, lives will be saved. If there was a place for a roundabout, this is it. I will be glad when it is in, when I dont have to worry that westbound isnt going to slam into my car and those coming off the hill eastbound fail to realize that they are going 60MPH and attempt to stop at a stop SIGN….

  2. ScottRAB says:

    The FHWA has a video about modern roundabouts that is mostly accurate (

  3. Daniel P. Miller says:

    I wish I could work at the same pace they are working at and still get paid.This project is taking way to long and inconvenienced way to many people that both live in or travel through this area. The people who are responsible for this project should feel ashamed of themselves.

  4. trevor to kenosha says:

    It is mid November? Make this trip 4 times a week and need to go D to 50. PITA!!! Then 264th is tore up also and there is never anyone there working. They shut this down for a week to put in a new drain an repave a spot about 20X20 and it is still not done. The snow is coming soon and this is going to be great, not finished.

  5. David says:

    Yes, this is taking way too long. How do we, and who do we file complaint to about this? I have driven up to to the site to see nobody working, or just ine guy on a tractor; not once but time after time.

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