Bristol land along interstate to be up for sale again

The Bristol Village Board has some land it wants to sell someone.

The nearly 60 acres is located along I-94 south of Highway K on either side of the new West Frontage Road. It’s property that Bristol bought in the 1990s back when it was a town in an effort to fend off annexation from Kenosha. More recently, the property was under option to a developer for purchase. But that option has expired and village administrator Randy Kerkman brought it to the attention of the Village Board and the Community Development Authority to see if those entities wanted to move forward with marketing the land and how.

The Village Board and CDA agreed to try to sell the property without a real estate agent and set preliminary prices for a 16-acre parcel at $6 per square foot and a 42.84-acre parcel at $4 per acre. If all of the property were sold for the asking price the total revenue for the village would be $11,737,677.

The property is owned outright by Bristol. It is now within Kenosha’s municipal boundaries.

Moving ahead with the sale is pending a review by the village’s attorney to make sure the village could adjust the per square foot asking price if a buyer wants a smaller parcel.

Village Board members considered contracting with a real estate agent to sell the property at about a 7 percent commission. But the board was in favor of trying to sell the land itself first. Establishing an asking price will allow the village to list the property on the Kenosha Area Business Alliance website.

The board also will come back to decide on two, two-sided for sale signs to be placed on the property after Kerkman obtains three bids on the signage.


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