Randall charging for bus storage re-emerges

This Google Streetview shows the old Bassett fire station where Western Kenosha County transit buses are stored.

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A discussion of whether Randall should seek payments from Western Kenosha County Transit for storing buses in the old Bassett fire station building re-emerged Thursday after being  dormant for over a year.

Supervisor Mike Halvorson started off the discussion by asking if Supervisor Bob Gehring had made any progress on determining the true expenses for storing the buses.

Gehring replied that he had not determined the costs such as utilities, but he suggested $100 as a monthly charge for the transit system.

But that suggestion came under criticism from Chairman Bob Stoll and others for being too arbitrary and not based on actual costs, which Stoll said should be the basis of any charge so it is grounded in actual costs.

“Grabbing a number doesn’t do that,” Stoll said.

Gehring in the past has been critical of the arrangement for storing the buses, since the town does not collect a fee, which he says is only fair.

Stoll however defended the current arrangement for the cost savings it provides because the buses do not have to be transported from Kenosha. He also pointed out that since transit is another public entity, charging it a fee is really transferring money from “one pocket to another pocket.”

Supervisor Lauren Fox also defended the program saying it provided a needed service to seniors and people commuting to work.

As far as costs, Fox pointed out that the old fire station also houses the town’s code enforcement vehicle and other town equipment along with the buses.

Gehring said he would make an effort to determine the costs and Fox said she would contact the other benefitting municipalities and the transit system to explore sharing any storage costs.

westofthei.com archives show the board discussed the issue in May of 2011 and Sept. 2009.



  1. JEFF S says:

    Hey Bob what’s the cost of lights being left on at the fire house in the Knolls?

  2. JEFF S says:

    To Fox, Your opinion will matter when you get elected by the voters.

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