Education Building Best of the Best announced for Kenosha County Fair 2012

The Education Building is a colorful and plentiful showcase of work form school children in Kenosha County.

While everything displayed is exceptional, each year some are chosen for the Best of the Best honor.

Here’s this year’s Best of the Best list:

PRE-K Champion: Grace Marino (St. Alphonsus) Reserve Champion: Owen Caldwell (Riverview)

KINDERGARTEN: Champion: Aidan Squier (Wilmot-Trevor) Reserve Champion: Ember Keel (Paris)

1ST GRADE: Champion: Gabriella Rendon (Wilmot-Trevor) Reserve Champion: Aleah Daniels (Providence)

2ND GRADE: Champion: Griffin Nosek (Bristol) Reserve Champion: Joey Bingen (Wheatland)

3RD GRADE: Champion: Kyle Mitchell (Brighton) Reserve Champion: Abby Horton (Wheatland)

4TH GRADE: Champion: Taylor Debello (Wilmot-Trevor) Reserve Champion: Emma Perrine (Wilmot-Trevor)

5TH GRADE: Champion: Paige Nys (Brighton) Reserve Champion: Cullen Ketterhangen (Randall)

6TH GRADE: Champion: Alexander Kremer (Wilmot-Trevor) Reserve Champion: Francesca Frederick (Providence)

7TH GRADE: Champion: Megan Jensen (Providence) Reserve Champion: Cassidy Parent (Wilmot-Trevor)

8TH GRADE: Champion: Allison Bistry (Randall) Reserve Champion: Dustin Dumelle (Providence)

SPECIAL EDUCATION: Champion: Warren Haugle (Wilmot-Trevor) Reserve Champion: Mason Schneider (Wheatland)

EARLY CHILDHOOD: Champion: Mason Buccieri (Westosha Headstart) Reserve Champion: Sarah Fitza (Westosha Headstart)


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