Salem Town Board approves equipment for Miller Park

Miller Park in Trevor.

The Salem Town Board on Monday night approved spending $10,600 for park equipment at Miller Park in Trevor.

The action had been recommended by the town Park Commission.

Equipment was selected based on the desire to fit the rural and historical nature of the park, which also houses two buildings used by the Western Kenosha County Historical Society.

To be purchased are:

  • A single post swing structure.
  • A whirligig spinner.
  • A climber.
  • A duo seesaw with backrest.

The funds for the purchase will come from the park fund and is close to what the Park Commission had budgeted for this year for the project, said town Chairman Diann Tesar. Money in that fund comes from impact fees assessed to developers and must be used for improving parks or buying park land.

The project total also includes money for timber to go around the equipment and engineered wood chips for under the equipment.



  1. Anne says:

    I love these town and village schemes. Develop a park spending lot tax payers money then turn around and charge the tax payers to enter the parks just like the dog parks in Paddock lake.

    What about lowering the taxes and conserving some so people can live. Where is the giving back to the taxpayers begin.
    Just like the town and village employees getting all their high wages and all their benefits paid by the taxpayers. PAY YOUR OWN, I HAVE TO PAY MY OWN NO ONE GIVES IT TO ME.

    Then too work for the money you get from the tax payers don’t just keep taking and taking.

  2. Anne: I should have pointed out in the story that the Park Fund that this will come from is money collected from developers for parks — sometimes known as impact fees. This money can’t be spent on anything but improving parks or buying park land. It’s not taxpayer money and it can’t be used for general purposes either.

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