Paris clarifies status of library tax in relation to county tax payment

The Paris Town Board intended to include the library tax in its discussion of county taxes late last month, board members clarified tonight.

So for the record, when the board voted to pay 80 percent of each property owner’s county taxes, library taxes were included in county taxes.

That distinction is key because the town for years has paid all of the county property tax for all property owners in the town. The funds to do that came from fees paid to the town from Waste Management, the operator of the Pheasant Run Landfill, which is located in Paris.

With the landfill’s business adversely effected by higher state tipping fees, Waste Management has not been paying the town less. The town decided last month to have  property owners begin paying 20 percent of their county taxes starting next year.

The clarification that stated that the taxes that will be divided between property owners and the town in a 20/80 split includes the county levy and the library tax passed unanimously.



  1. resident says:

    Considering that we don’t have a library tax on our tax bill now, I don’t get why we have to start paying for this? And if, as the attorney said, it was part of the County tax, why didn’t anyone know just what portion of the county tax was for the library? I think these are questions that need to be answered. And, why no report yet on the I94 corridor? They’ve had quite a number of meetings for this – where is the transparency?

  2. Nothing new to see here. says:

    All good questions. Now getting any answers is the trick.

  3. resident says:

    We won’t get any I’m afraid. They had their chance to fill people in this past week, but, that didn’t happen. Unfortunately, there are too many people in the Town that seem uninterested; but, those are the same people that will become REAL interested when their tax bills go up and up and up. Is there some sort of development coming into Town? Will we be getting sewer and water bills to pay for? You won’t get an answer until the bill comes.

  4. resident says:

    In thinking about this further and after being at last month’s meeting and reading and re-reading the minutes from last month, the board kept bring up the “negotiations” they are presently in regard to the I94 corridor. Just WHO are they in negotiations with??? If they say they’re negotiating something, they have to be negotiating with somebody – who is it? Or, is the Town simply going to develop a business itself? There have been a lot of closed session meetings about this “negotiation”, where are the minutes for these special meetings? Not on the website; we didn’t get them the other night at the Town board meeting – where are they? This is the transparency they speak of over and over. Transparent as mud.

  5. resident says:

    One final note to add… Mr. Gentz said the Town had 16 million dollars. IF he would look at the Treasurer report that Ms. McCumber gave to us – the town has over 21 million dollars. Does he think that 5 million doesn’t belong to us tax payers?

  6. Nothing new to see here. says:

    All of the money belongs to the town residents. Part of this board has its own agenda and follows its own rules.
    They finally dug up the money from behind the town hall after being pressed and now they are not sure what to do with it. Change must come in April. Hopefully that will not be too late.

  7. resident says:

    Anyone received their letter yet?

  8. resident says:

    Any reason why I’m still waiting on moderation?

  9. resident says:

    So much for transparency. In reading the Kenosha News this morning, the Mayor of the City of Kenosha said he met with Paris ONCE. Yet, our town board has said they have had numerous negotiations with the City. Who’s telling the truth here? Why am I really not surprised? Transparent as mud. We definitely need a change in April. These back room meetings have got to stop. Residents have the right to know where our money is really going. Why not ask us if we want sewer and water? What happened to keeping Paris green?

  10. Nothing new to see here. says:

    Keep one board member. I know which one I would keep.

  11. resident says:

    NONE! One lies and the other two vouch for him.

  12. resident says:

    And, yet another closed door meeting held. Does anyone out there know where or who can take care of this matter legally?? The Town board obviously doesn’t want to listen to the citizens – just who else do they answer to?

  13. resident says:

    And, another closed door meeting before a town board meeting and this time, neither of them was on the website. What the hell is Paris trying to hide??? Or, are they sulking because people are actually responding to articles? I’m assuming that’s why we read nothing on the west of the i website or the kenosha news about Paris – no one knows they have meetings!!! I found out about it after picking up kids at the school; otherwise, there’s nothing! Someone at the state level should know who people can complain to. I only hope people don’t forget this next April. Shouldn’t the clerk know better? WOW – maybe Paris really IS Mayberry.

  14. resident says:

    Excuse me – I stand corrected – Today, a day AFTER the meeting, the agenda is on the website; however, the Closed Door meeting isn’t on there – wonder what’s so secretive? Do Board members have an answer for the people?

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