Twin Lakes approves mixed-use senior housing/commercial building for downtown

A senior apartment building with commercial space on the first floor being proposed by Mills Development was approved by the Twin Lakes Village Board at its regular  meeting Monday night.

The building will be located on the south side of Main Street west of the municipal parking lot that is just west of the Twin Lakes Area Chamber and Business Association office.

There were several actions on the agenda related to the building, all of which passed unanimously. They were:

  • Approving the Residences on Main as a 24-unit multi-family/senior housing use within the commercial zoning district including exterior appearance and site plan with condition approved by the Plan Commission and discussed by the Village Board earlier this month. Perhaps the chief among those conditions was a requirement to reduce the visual impact of an accessibility ramp.
  • Approving reduction of the rear yard setback requirement for the Bassett Street frontage in accordance with the plans and the Plan Commission recommendation.
  • Granting an exception to the parking requirement of the village zoning code related to commercial parking and guest parking.
  • Approving a certified survey map including right of way dedication on Main Street and conditioned on its amendment to show a parcel to be donated to the village for parking.

The building concept calls for 12 one-bedroom units and 12 two-bedroom units with commercial space on the first floor. The all-masonry building will have underground parking for residents. Key to the building being viable was the awarding of state senior housing credits, which will be sold to help finance the project. To earn the credits, which are granted in a competitive process, a certain number of the units must be rented to people over 55 and who make less than 60 percent of the median annual salary in Kenosha County.

Senior housing will be a deeded requirement for the building.

Mills Development representatives have said they expect to have the building under roof by the time of normal snowfall.


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  1. Barbara Lees says:

    Please let me know anything about the place

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