Salem Supervisor Culat suggests borrowing for road improvements

Photo by gianluigi galbiati via stock.xchng

Salem town Supervisor Mike Culat said the town should consider a major repaving of roads.

To fund the effort, Culat suggested borrowing $1 to 1.5 million.

Culat was speaking during supervisor reports at the end of Monday’s regular Town Board meeting.

“We’ve sorely neglected our roads for two or three years now,” Culat said. “It seems to me we’ve gotten behind. … I’m not a huge fan of borrowing money. I hate borrowing money but we’re behind and we need to catch up.”

Supervisor Ted Kmiec said some roads in the Salem Oaks subdivision have their original paving form the late 1960s.

“It is a ticking time bomb,” Kmiec said. “If we don’t really start working on it it’s going to blow up on us.”

Culat also mentioned that he felt the Highway Department was lacking some key equipment. He proposed looking ninth leasing the equipment.

No action was taken on the matter.


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