Fireworks in Paddock Lake a go tonight unless …

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The fireworks display set for Paddock Lake tonight should be a go unless there is significant wind, the village’s website says.

The dry conditions have the village and the rest of Western Kenosha County under open burning bans and the county fire chiefs association has urged people to not use fireworks, which in most cases are not even legal in Wisconsin.

However, public displays by professionals have generally been an exception since they can be monitored.

The statement on the village website says heavy winds could cause the cancellation of the display in order to protect the public. The decision would lie with Salem Fire/Rescue Chief David Slover.

The National Weather Service forecast calls for 5 to 15 mph winds tonight.

The fireworks are scheduled to start at dusk — probably a little after 9 p.m.

UPDATE 10:26 a.m. — I thought I would check in on the situation this morning with Chief Slover, who shared the following:

We believe we will be okay to have the fireworks show based on the forecast to this point.  Thankfully the event will originate as close to the center of the lake as possible with all fallout of the fireworks falling in the water.  I will be checking the forecast today hour to hour up to the time of the event.  Any wind we have today should die down by dark.  If we feel there is a concern of fireworks fallout reaching land we will cancel the event.  We additionally will have extra units on site checking the perimeter for any fireworks fallout of any embers just in case. “


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