Randall rejects no parking extension on Highway P

This section of a Google map image shows the stretch of Highway P/F that a citizen proposed by closed to parking along the shoulder. /Google map

A resident’s request to ban parking on a stretch of Highway P just east of downtown Powers Lake was rejected by the Randall Town Board Thursday night.

The request, made at an earlier meeting during citizens comments, asked that the current no parking zone near by be extended to an area where parking is now allowed. Parking in the subject area typically is overflow from vehicles and boat trailers that have launched at the DNR launch to Powers Lake after the launch parking lot is full. The request had cited safety concerns for pedestrians and bicyclists when the shoulder is parked up.

Because the road is a county highway, even if the board favored the change it would have only been advisory to the county.

But there seemed to be consensus among both the Plan Commission and the Town Board that the area was safe for parking.

Said Charlie Gitzinger, Plan Commission chairman: “It’s a reasonable place to park. … I see no reason to deny people the ability to park there.”

Town Chairman Bob Stoll said the reason for denying parking on a county highway should be strong, like it is farther west on the road where the right of way is narrow and cluttered with guard rails and such.

“I think on a public highway there has to be a compelling reason to place more restrictions,” Stoll said. “There needs to be a good reason why.”

The plan commission unanimously voted to deny the request. The Town Board agreed not to take further action.


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  1. JEFF S says:

    It’s all about the money folks, so if you live here forget about it.

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