Kenosha County fire chiefs discourage use of fireworks

The Kenosha County Chiefs and Captains Association has issued the following statement regarding fireworks use during this unusually dry Fourth of July season:

Unusually dry weather across southeastern Wisconsin this spring has led to increased risk for wildfire, and several significant brush and grass fires have occurred in our area over the past week. Many people enjoy celebrating Independence Day by observing fireworks displays, but fireworks also produce sparks that can start brush and grass fires. Professional fireworks displays are closely monitored for safety, but the illegal personal use of fireworks could easily trigger a hazardous wildfire. When conditions are very dry, outdoor sparks or fires of any kind are dangerous, including campfires, bonfires, and even cooking grills when not used safely. Any fire that starts is likely to grow and spread quickly. Agencies across the area will be enforcing State, County and local municipal laws regarding fireworks, open burning, and hazardous conditions. Because of the dry conditions and the risk of rapid fire growth, local agencies remind our residents to “Celebrate SAFELY” this week by refraining from using of sparklers or illegal personal fireworks.


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