Town of Wheatland Fire Department Carnival coverage

The Town of Wheatland Fire Department is hosting its annual carnival this weekend.

Today there was the parade through New Munster, the Kids are People Too show and business waterfights. The softball tournament continued and the night was to conclude with music from Bella Cain.

Here a video with some scenes from the parade:

After the parade, was the Kids Are People Too show, which focused on the youngsters but incorporated other ages too. There also was face painting, bounce houses and other activities. Here are some photos:

A highlight of Saturday’s activities is always the waterfights with teams from local businesses. Here is a video with some scenes from the action:

Here are some photos from one of the softball games this afternoon:

And this image I thought made a great point about why the department needs to host a fundraiser in the first place:



  1. Jennifer Shufelt says:

    I just watched the Wheatland township parade and I noticed that you cut out the footage of both the Deb Vos for Register of Deeds float and the Republican Party float. Is there some reason for this selective editing? It doesn’t seem like very fair reporting to me. Would you care to explain yourself?

  2. Jennifer — When we started video taping parades it was clear there was almost always more that could be video taped than we could put in an about 10 minute video. What do we cut? To try to be consistent from event to event, we decided that one of the categories of entries that we would cut would be candidates and political parties. If one of the other register of deeds candidates had been in the parade, they would not have appeared either. Same for the county Democratic Party. We do sometimes include in office municipal officials, if they’re not campaigning with their entry, like Bill Glembocki in the parade Saturday. By excluding all, we do not get into a situation where we are including some but not others — or some more than others. I hope this explains our position.

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