Some Randall residents upset with overflow parking from public boat launch

A couple of residents requested that the Randall Town Board erect No Parking signs along the road near the DNR Public Boat launch on Powers Lake.

According to the two complainants, the portion where Highway P (Bloomfield Road) turns south is filled with trailers and cars because the parking area is filled.

Randall resident, Sandra Ward said she has noticed cars and trailers at all times of the day, blocking much of the shoulder of the road, and wondered if the town could place No Parking signs to deter the number of vehicles.

“I would hope that with signs it would discourage the number of vehicles parking there,” she said. “The county approved last year that you can put up the No Parking signs.”

Town Chairperson, Bob Stoll, explained that this information was a misconception, that the Town has no authority to place signage unless authorized by the County, but the County can seek the town’s input on the signs.

Both complainants suggested that information from a County source stated that Randall could make the sole decision on the signs, but Stoll said this information was not true.

“I have been speaking to Gary Sipsma who runs the Highway Department, and we have never received any request from the county about placing signs in that area,” he said. “We can make a request to the County for No Parking, but we have to meet with the Town Board before we speak to the County to see if the Town comes to a consensus that they don’t want it.”

Ward asked if the parking issues could be placed on a future agenda to see what the Town wants to do about the situation.

The item to discuss No Parking signage will be on the agenda for the June 24 Regular Town Board meeting at 7 p.m.




  1. Matt says:

    Just make all lakes “no wake” and put a limit of no more than 20hp motors on the lakes, and not only will more oeople be able to enjoy the lakes, but that will help cut down on traffic, and drunk boating too. No one will come from out of state to ruin our lakes.

  2. JEFF S says:

    Fisherman or residents let’s see? Time for a new board.

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