Salem to allow dual waterski and watertube lines

Summer water enthusiasts will be able to tow two water skiers and water tubes behind their boats on Salem lakes, thanks to an amended ordinance passed by the Salem Town Board on Monday night.

The previous ordinance restricted boats to one line for water tubing and skiing, which often created an overload of individuals on a single water tube. The new ordinance allows two lines, but with the warning that the human capacity of each water tube shall not exceed that recommended by the manufacturer.

Each skier and tube must have an individual tow line; and no vessel towing a person or persons on a water tube may come within 100 feet of other occupied anchored vessels, a personal water craft, a buoy-marked swimming area or a public boat landing.

Likewise, persons being towed on water skis or other similar devices may not come or allow the towrope to come within 100 feet of a personal watercraft.

All boats engaging in towing a person on water skis, aquaplanes or similar devices must conform operate in a counterclockwise pattern on the lake in the traffic lane. There shall be no waterskiing, aquaplaning or similar activity within the shore zone.



One Comment

  1. Paula says:

    I think there should be some restrictions on the smaller lakes… as it is…. Skiers are using the swim area bouys as pilons to ski around… and… if they are even staying 50 ft. away from anchored boats with swimmers I would be surprised.. The weekends are completely out of control.. I have not even put a boat in the water yet…. we would be taking our life in our own hands…
    Dont get me started on the blasting music coming out of 2 of the ski boats on Center Lake… We have to stop our conversation until it passes – I can’t wait for the housing market to go up – I would really love to leave the area… We thought we would retire in this home…Now I can’t wait to leave….

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