Flight for life being called to highway 50 accident

/Earlene Frederick photo

Multiple injuries reported in auto accident across from Bumper to Bumper in Salem, with possible three serious injuries. Two year old with massive head trauma and two adult injuries. Flight for life on the way, extrication will be needed for one of the victims. Salem fire and rescue on scene. Flight for life estimated arrival 18 minutes.  Highway 50 eastbound closed until scene cleared.


update 10:23 a.m.-Additional ambulance requested from Trevor Fire and Rescue to 27600 block of Highway 50.

update 10:27 a.m.-Flight for Life will be landing in the eastbound lane of highway 50 in a few minutes

update 10:29 a.m.-westbound lane of Highway 50 will also be closed for Flight for Life arrival

update 10:30 -one patient on route to St. Catherine Hospital

update 10:40 a.m.-Flight on the ground

update 10:46 -transporting one to Aurora Kenosha.

UPDATE June 9 — One driver faces multiple charges; 4 year old in critical condition:

/Earlene Frederick photo

/Earlene Frederick photo

The accident scene called a large traffic back-up. Some of the drivers asked for directions./Earlene Frederick photo



  1. lynette says:

    thanks for the great pics hope everyone is fine, esspecially the two year old!

  2. Vicky says:

    Cannot find any further information about this accident. Am concerned about the victims of the crash.

  3. anon says:

    Any update on the two year old? Hoping and praying he’s okay.

  4. maryann trakas says:

    my thoughts and prayers are with everybody involved including the emergency responders. god bless all and stay safe.

  5. Kelly says:

    We saw the whole accident-Iam trying to find out any info on the children. Not sure about the driver of the truck…if anyone has info-would like to know.

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