Salem School murals unveiled at Salem Town Hall

Four murals created by Salem School fifth grade art classes were officially unveiled today at Salem Town Hall.

The murals are intended to permanently hang in the large meeting room at Town Hall.

Salem art teacher Christina Schatmeyer said the school was approached by town officials about creating art for the formerly rather drab meeting room. Schatmeyer took up the task and put it before her fifth grade students.

Each homeroom created a mural and had to work as a group to plan and create it. The students used paint and other elements such as ceramic tiles.

On Tuesday, representatives of each class explained their process. Following is video of each:

First was Lindsay Bruni’s class:

Second was Bryan Sandberg’s class:

Third was Alyson Davis’ class:

Fourth was JoAnn Wilson’s class:

Here are photos of the other murals:


One Comment

  1. Jack Niccolai says:

    I was very impressed with this event. Great art holds your eyes, I stared for quite a while at each work. Charles Horton Cooley said “An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.” I agree, go to the town hall and see if you agree also.

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