Paddock Lake weed harvester awaiting repairs for damage

Paddock Lake's aquatic harvester docked at Senior Citizens Park.

The aquatic weed harvester that the village of Paddock Lake uses to remove excessive plant growth from its namesake lake is not able to be used while it awaits repairs.

Damage to the harvester was discovered Monday morning when a village employee went to use the equipment. What exactly caused the damage is not yet known, said village President Marlene Goodson. The village did file a report with the Sheriff’s Department in case there was intentional damage done.

If anyone saw anything suspicious this weekend in the area of the weed harvester, which is docked at Senior Citizens Park, Goodson asks you call the Sheriff’s Department and share your information.

Calls should be directed to the Sheriff’s Department general number at 262-605-5100 or Kenosha Area Crime Stoppers at 800-807-TIPS, said Sgt. Bill Beth, Sheriff’s Department spokesman.

In the meantime, aquatic weeds will go uncut in the lake. The company that repairs the equipment is a three-hour drive away and may also have to order a replacement wiring harness that appears to be the main problem with using the harvester, Goodson said.

“It’s not like your car,” Goodson said. “You can’t just bring it in for repairs.”

Goodson declined to further describe the damage done to the harvester. She anticipated at least a three to four day period before the harvester is ready to cut weeds again.

Goodson anticipates there being some dissatisfaction among lake users about the volume of weeds if the repairs take too long to complete. The lake was already seeing a lot of weed growth due to a mild winter, she said.

“They’re really going to be screaming about the weeds,” Goodson said.



  1. Matt says:

    People have to realize that it is not the village’s fault if the weeds don’t get cut. If this was intentional, find the punks and make them cut the weeds with scissors as their punishment.

  2. Joe says:

    the weeds are terrible even when the harvester is out. i can barely get my boats out and had to have a new water pump put in from the weed problem in the channel. what happened over the past 3 years is beyond me but it seems like they go close to the island once and thats it. never had this problem before but someone needs to say something. the weeds along the shore were peoples boats are is way beyond what it has ever been

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