County executive seeking more foster families

May is National Foster Parent Appreciation Month and more foster families are needed here, County Executive Jim Kreuser said.

“Our goal is to add another 20 to 25 new foster homes in order to address the need for Kenosha County children,” Kreuser said.

Recent experience seems to suggest that the county is up to the challenge.

Last December, a foster home emergency was declared. At the time, there were only 29 available foster homes, down from 46 available a year earlier.

Kreuser put out a call for more families to consider becoming foster homes.

“The people of Kenosha County are the kind of people who will always help their neighbors and friends, so I am not surprised that we were able to add 11 new foster homes,” Kreuser said Wednesday. “It’s the kind of response that makes Kenosha County the biggest small town in the state.”

Immediately following the call for more foster homes last December, there were 84 inquiries from people interested in becoming foster parents, according to Community Impact Programs Inc., the agency that licenses foster homes and places children. Of that number, 31 families returned applications and 11 new foster homes were licensed. In all of 2011, there were 109 inquiries from potential foster parents.

There are currently 119 children in foster care through Community Impact Programs. In 2012, there were 87 placements from the start of the year to May 23rd.

“Foster parents are special people. They open their hearts and homes to children who are in need and offer a safe, stable and nurturing environment,” Kreuser said. “I can’t thank them enough for their vital role in nurturing and guiding our children and strengthening our community.”

For more information about becoming a foster parent, call 262-656-8420, ext. 123.


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