Boat trailer parking near Lilly Lake launch to be restricted

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The above Google map shows the approximate stretch of Lilly Lake Road on which boat trailer parking would be banned on the lake side of the street.

Boat trailer parking parking on the lake side of Lilly Lake Road from the boat launch up the hill to 344th Avenue will be prohibited under an ordinance change approved by the Town Board Monday.

Problems related to trailer parking on Lilly Lake Road were discussed at the Lilly Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District meeting earlier this month.

“I went down there last night and I just don’t think we should park any trailers on that side of the road,” said Supervisor Andrew Lois.

Lois proposed designating a nearby “back road” a one-way street and then allowing trailer parking there. However, other board members thought it would be better to try the approved solution first and see if further action needs to be taken.

The parking ban is only for boat trailers, not other vehicles.

Town Chairman Bill Glembocki said he will inspect and mark the site to make sure the parameters approved Monday will work. The board will then formally pass a new ordinance at a later date.

An ordinance change is required so the trailer parking ban can be enforced.


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