Storm water projects advance in Salem

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The Salem Town Board on Monday approved final engineering and bidding for three storm water projects.

Bradly Zautcke, the storm water utility district administrator, recommended replacing culverts on 256th Avenue south of 93rd Street, on 264th Avenue south of 106th Street and an expansion of Jason’s Pond, located in a triangle between the Canadian National Railroad tracks, 264th Avenue and 104th Street.

The culverts are in poor condition and showing signs of undermining and embankment erosion, Zautcke said. Heavy storms could cause the roads there to be damaged.

“We believe the culverts are in danger of failing,” said town administrator Patrick Casey.

The pond project will enlarge and build up berms there to increase the pond’s capacity to retain storm water. A controlled outlet also will be added to regulate water release and reduce potential flooding concerns downstream, Zautcke said in a memo to the Town Board. The metal culverts will be replaced with concrete.

While the town has done some storm water work in the recent past, the projects discussed Monday involved material and equipment the town does not have, Highway Department supervisor Mike Murdock said.

The projects are estimated to cost:

  • 256th culvert — $34,915.
  • 264th culvert — $52,725.
  • Jason’s Pond — $50,100.

The Town Board approved  proceeding with final engineering and bidding of the projects.

A view of the culvert at 256th Avenue. /Town of Salem photo

The culvert at 264th Avenue. /Town of Salem photo

Jason's Pond. /Town of Salem photo


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