House burn by fire department fee set in Paris

Having a house demolished by burning by the Paris Fire Department will now cost $1,500 rather than relying on a unspecified donation, after action taken by the  Town Board recently.

In the past, the department had relied on the property owner requesting the burn making a donation to the department. Concern about the practice had arisen because the donations often did not cover the cost to the department.

Fire Chief Roland Iwen said the donation typically was  about $500. He submitted an itemized cost of a burn to the Town Board that showed the cost of a house burn to be about $1,900.

“Our costs are higher than I thought they were,” Supervisor Ron Kammerzelt said at April’s Town Board meeting.

Supervisor Ken Monson suggested a fee of $1,500 in acknowledgment that the department does realize some value in training personnel with a house burn. He said he also was concerned that if the fee was too high people might leave up unsafe structures.

The vote to approve the $1,500 fee was unanimous.


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