UW-Whitewater wheelchair basketball team visits Riverview School

In this collage, UW-Whitewater wheelchair basketball team member Derrick "Double D" Dortch demonstrates his athletic technique for getting back upright after falling in his wheelchair basketball wheelchair.

Some students at Riverview School in Silver Lake experienced firsthand what it is like to play basketball in a wheelchair during an assembly presented by the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Wheelchair Basketball Team.

In the program, called “Cornerstones for Success,” the assembly began with an introduction of the players and background information about their disability, their lives and experiences. Here is some video of two of the team members talking about their lives and disabilities, overcoming obstacles and achievement in general:

The second part of the assembly included a team demonstration and the opportunity for some Riverview students to hop into a wheelchair and test their skills. Four different groups of students were able to play against the UW-Whitewater team while the other students watched and cheered. The thrilling assembly ended with five teachers being called up to play against the UW-Whitewater team.

Here’s some video of some of the games between the Whitewater athletes and Riverview students:

Here are some more photos from the assembly (click link below):


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