Randall approves bids for street work

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The Randall Town Board approved crack sealing, repaving and road reconstruction bids at its Thursday meeting.

The board approved a bid of $188,487.50 from Payne & Dolan for the reconstruction of 92nd Street from 402nd Avenue to 406th Avenue. The town’s engineer, Ken Ward of Ruekert-Mielke, said the project will widen the street about three feet.

Supervisor Mike Halvorson called 402nd Avenue the “worst street in town.”

Payne and Dolan also was the successful low bidder for this year’s resurfacing project. The bid was $568,327.65. (A list of the work to be done is available by clicking here)

A bid for crack sealing also was approved. The low bidder of two was Fahrner Asphalt Sealers for $54,150.

Supervisor Randy Kaskin asked if some crack sealing could be held off to see if extra money for repaving became available. He did not want to crack seal a street that could then be repaved.

Ward said that was possible, but that it would likely add at least $1,500 to the cost.

Work on crack sealing should begin soon and could be done by June 15. If not done by then, it will be finished in October, because weather in the summer is not conducive to good crack sealing, Ward said.


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