Paris Town Board ready to firm up plans on county taxes

In the wake of news that waste hauling taxes don’t appear to be changing, the Paris Town Board is ready to begin solidifying its plans on how much of residents’ county property taxes it may pay in the future.

In the past, the town has paid property owners county taxes, and not levied a town property tax, because of revenue received from the Waste Management Pheasant Run landfill located on the southwest portion of the town.

Last fall, the town discussed but did not change the county tax practice in light of an amended agreement with Waste Management over what revenue would be paid to the town. Landfill representatives say increases in Wisconsin tipping fees have greatly diminished the volume of garbage they receive from Illinois, which in the past was a large part of the local landfill’s business.

An April 19 letter to Town Board members from its landfill negotiations attorney Kim Howarth left little hope for the landfill revenue situation to change and urged board members to reconsider the paying of county taxes for residents.

Howarth wrote in the letter:

We continue to monitor developments in the State of Wisconsin and the State of Illinois to watch for any potential change in the taxation of waste that might alter its flow … It is clear that any change in either states’ taxation of waste is unlikely in the  foreseeable future. Wisconsin’s increases host fee has become what I would consider  to be “status quo.” In Illinois, a few articles have been written concerning “green taxes” which include an increase in the taxation of waste, however there has been no discussion of this issue in any piece of proposed legislation … It is thus my opinion that there will not be a change in either states’ legislation concerning the taxation of waste which would otherwise alter the current stream of waste to those facilities located in Southeast Wisconsin: namely Pheasant Run and Mallard Ridge, in the foreseeable future. I have expressed the opinion in the past that the current benefit provided to the residents of the Town of Paris whereby their full Kenosha County real estate tax burden is paid by the Town needs to be addressed. As a result of the items reviewed above, I think that discussion even more urgent …”

Town Board members appeared to take Howarth’s advice to heart. Supervisor Ron Kammerzelt said he would like to see the board set what it is going to do with county taxes by its June meeting, a timeline town Chairman Virgil Gentz also endorsed. Supervisor Ken Monson said he agreed with addressing the matter well before October budget time, but perhaps not by June.

“I think it’s time to move forward in that direction,” Gentz said.

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  1. Mike Cavalenes says:

    From Bob Labell’s Kenosha News VOP

    “Paris School’s financial security is not at the mercy of the town budget. Our town has recently earned over $400,000 in interest income. There is no policy in place for raising town taxes. The assertion that the Paris School budget is in any way related to the Town of Paris budget demonstrates the lengths to which some will go to obtain votes.”

    The effect on the total property tax bill is what was asserted.

    I guess the information in your VOP was incorrect and the information in the Joan flier was correct. Voting for integrity is very important!! Too bad it is a day late and a dollar short.

    I’m writing as a private citizen not as a board member.

  2. Bob says:

    The Town is still getting about $75,000.00 a month. Take that amount times 12 months and add the interest that that money, along with the 21 million in the bank, and you’ll get more than enough to continue to pay our county taxes. The Town FINALLY started investing wisely; but, unfortunately, we lost two years of good interest because of it. And, yes, residents – we DO have about 21 million in the bank. The treasurer’s report is very deceiving. It says there 16 million in the bank; however, where does the interest get reported? If I look at my treasurer’s report for the past year, it continues to say 16 million, why? And the Town Board toots transparency, really?

  3. Bob says:

    As a note to Mike C. I just read the post that you put on here – I just want you to know that I am NOT Bob Labell. My name is Bob Burns, and I think what you’ve done to the school board is awful. Sheriff’s Deputies at a school board meeting – priceless!

  4. Dani says:

    For the record, I am NOT Bob Labell either. I’ve always enjoyed the fact that I get far more from the town of Paris than most of the rest of the residents, since the county tax rebate is based on the assessed value of one’s property. Whatever they come up with as a solution, I hope they continue to give me a bigger slice of the pie than the rest of you. Personally, I’d like to see them divvy up the millions in the bank and distribute them to the town residents, with shares going to residents in proportion to the assessed value of their property. Between the town and the school, taxes will one day create a situation where only the wealthy will be able to live here. I’ll still be here. Will you?

  5. Joe Paris says:

    At the time of the vop that information was accurate. As a matter of fact, there is still no policy in place. Yes I believe residents will have to pony up some of the bill this year but nothing is settled yet. So….the Joan flier was just speculation and the vop was just stating a fact. The town has many options to mull over and hopefully they do this diligently and quickly.
    (mandatory disclaimer): I am not Mr. LaBell and I am writing this as a citizen.

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