All Salem voting to be at Town Hall for recall primary and recall elections

Salem residents in wards 4, 8, 9 and 10, who vote at the Wilmot Fire Station for regularly scheduled elections, will vote at Salem Town Hall for the upcoming recall primary and recall election. (Click for a larger view)

Town of Salem Clerk, Cynthia Ernest, reminds voters in Town of Salem that voting for all Town of Salem Wards 1 – 10, for the May 8 Recall Primary Election and the June 5  Recall Election, will take place at the Salem Town Hall, 9814 Antioch Road, Salem. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to  8 p.m. The Wilmot Fire Station location will be closed on those dates.

The Salem Town Board adopted a resolution last year to combine polling places for all “special elections” held in Salem. Many of these elections are state, county and school elections with one item on the ballot. They are often unfunded and unbudgeted. This was a decision that was made as a cost saving measure for the Town of Salem. Ernest said she also wishes to remind voters that another important change on Election Day is that voters must sign the poll book next to their name to receive a ballot. Voters should sign the poll book as they would normally sign any other document, i.e. a check, the back of a credit card, etc. Voters with physical disabilities may be exempt from signing. You can still register to vote on Election Day, but voter registration requirements have changed. A person must now be a resident of the jurisdiction in which they wish to vote for 28 consecutive days instead of the previous 10-day residency requirement.

For specific questions about your polling location or how the new election law affects you, please contact your local Clerk’s Office at Salem Town Hall.

Voters can also visit the Wisconsin Government Accountability’s website for additional information about the recall elections and the new election laws.


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