Rezoning along Highway 50 for moving veterinarian clinic OK with Salem Town Board

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A request to rezone property along Highway 50 from agricultural use to community business use received the endorsement of the Salem Town Board Monday night.

The property, owned by Norman Brandes, is located on the south side of the highway, about 2,200 feet west of 261st Avenue, Salem.

The rezoning is needed to accommodate plans to relocate a nearby veterinarian clinic currently on the northside of the highway to the Brandes property.

Brandes’ proposal calls for a subdivision of the 7.3 acre property into  a 5.59 acre parcel and a 1.71 acre parcel, where the clinic is to be located. The larger parcel will remain with ag zoning.

The rezoning was endorsed by the board with a unanimous vote. Final authority on rezonings in towns rests with the County Board.

Three nearby residents spoke out against the rezoning during the citizens comments portion of Monday’s Town Board meeting. All contended that the rezoning would harm the value of their residential zoned properties.

” It will have an effect on our property values, which won’t be positive,” said Brian Filiatreau.

However, some of the objectors said they would not be as opposed if their properties also could be rezoned for commercial use.

To that end, the board also unanimously passed a motion to have the town planning and zoning department examine potential zoning plan changes to address the nearby residents’ concerns.


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