Electors grant Salem Town Board authority to purchase park land for another year

The Salem Town Board has been granted by its electors the authority to purchase park land through April 15, 2013.

The authorization came at the annual meeting of the electors Tuesday evening at Town Hall.

The board is not currently looking at any specific property, but will now have the authority if something becomes available.

The electors granted the same authority last year. Utilizing some of the $773,073 balance in the Park Fund, the town did in July acquire a seven-acre lake parcel along 104th Street in Camp Lake for use as a park. Some $430,796 remained in the fund as of the end of the year, account to financial statements distributed Tuesday.

Any purchase of park property would come from impact fees that were assessed to developers. The town could eventually be required to return those fees if they are not used, said town Chairman Diann Tesar. That urgency was behind the town seeking the renewal of the authority.

The motion to grant the authority for another year passed by an overwhelming majority of the voting members present.



  1. valentine. says:

    What was the e-x-a-c-t figure being stated as being available in the Park Fund for this ‘year’. Was it extended until the next annual meeting? (please confirm that date – 2nd or 3rd wed of April 2013) or thru the end of fiscal year 2012?

  2. valentine. says:

    or was there even any foresight to express an expiration of the approval?

  3. Bob says:

    And….. you weren’t at the meeting WHY???

  4. valentine. says:

    I can only presume “BOB, that you were not at the meeting and are unable to answer the questions. I am certain you know how to reach me. If you feel the need to know the specifics as to ‘why’ I was not at the annual meeting, (which i usually do attend – as you should know- ) give me an email or a telephone call.

    I you were aat the meeting i can tellyou that if you merely gave authority to the board to spend money, you have done yourself, as a taxpayer, a disservice.

  5. valentine. says:

    no call, no email yet BOB
    so i can only presume you are not a qualified elector and only wish to talk big behind a fake name.
    your comments are worthless.

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