Aurora Pharmacies in Paddock Lake and Twin Lakes closing today

The Twin Lakes Aurora Pharmacy. /Google StreetView image

The Aurora Pharmacies in Twin Lakes and Paddock Lake have been sold to Walgreens.

Those two Aurora Pharmacies were among 11 sold to Walgreens, said Adam Beeson, an Aurora spokesman. The Twin Lakes and Paddock Lake Aurora pharmacies will close as of the end of business today, with their customer lists being transferred to Walgreens.

The clinics located in both Twin Lakes and Paddock Lake in the same buildings as the pharmacies will remain open, Beeson said.

The sale leaves Aurora with 71 pharmacies not located in hospitals, Beeson said.

The 11 sold pharmacies were the lowest volume locations in the group, Beeson said.

About half of the people employed at the 11 sold pharmacies have been offered positions elsewhere within Aurora, Beeson said. Aurora is working to try to place the rest of the employees by April 20.

The Twin Lakes Aurora Pharmacy. /Google StreetView image



  1. Bernadette Elverman says:

    The closing of the two pharmacies in the western part of our county is unsettling for a number of reasons. I am upset that the employees in Twin Lakes and Paddock Lake were informed that they were out of a job yesterday (Wed., March 28) and that the pharmacies were closing today, Thursday, at 3 p.m. Even with some of them being offered jobs at Walgreens, I wonder how many actual positions are available. I will bet that not too many of these people, whom we have all known behind the counter, slept well last night.

    I think that Aurora and Walgreens’ secrecy in this sale is an injustice to everyone. The people in the Twin Lakes area now have a 20 to 22 mile round trip to get their medications. People and their needs were not taken into account. I cannot find any local official who was made aware that this was coming. It seems that we are all “collateral damage” as far as the two companies are concerned.

    I have contacted my legislators to find out if there is any law concerning the length of time in which an employee must be told that their job is gone. Notification would have been the decent thing to do.

    I hope other people in our area are as disturbed as I am by this sale, job loss, difficulty created in getting prescriptions, and store closings.

  2. Concerned says:

    Is Walgreen’s moving in??? Are there other plans in the works?

  3. Lynne Gibson says:

    This was a dastardly sneak attack with no regard for customers. Many elderly Twin Lakes residents absolutely need their meds and cannot travel to Walgreens in Paddock Lake. I am one of those. Honestly, even if I could, I would not because of Walgreens’ co-conspiracy in this disastrous plan. I would not expect Walgreens to consider moving into Twin Lakes. They have already closed stores in small southern towns, transferred RXs from those locations to Krogers. I have been literally forced to move my scripts (sold to Walgreens by Aurora) to WalMart and begin paying for a transport bus to get there.

  4. Clinton sokolski says:

    I had been with the Twin Lakes Aurora location before it ever became Aurora. I moved out of state for about a year when i came back i decide to try Walgreens. I didnt like the service or how i was inconvenienced i was on getting the crutches i needed. They said had to drive over an hour to get them to a place where they have them. Aurora as soon as i got there i got what i needed. I miss going there and how they cared for their customers it is unfair to every one who was at those locations that closed .

  5. Renee says:

    Its been how long now since Aurora shut down in Paddock Lake and I am still upset. I “have” to go to Walgreens and I am treated with such disrespect. In fact my privacy has been broken a few times with how loud they get. I had a Pharmacist look at the medicine and asked the person next to me if he had any questions and it was my medication. What does that tell you. They never seem to have my medication on hand either. Always partial refills. I know the techs are working so hard and must be burnt out. One time a pharmacist yelled at a tech in front of me. I told him next time take it in the back room and not in front of a customer. I miss my pharmacy so much. They knew my name, knew what I was on and always greeted me with a smile no matter what. I now hate going to go get my meds. Just hate it!!!! In fact, I am thinking of trying to get off of some of them if I can. I realize there are so many worse things in life but this whole thing just really disappointed me to a degree of whats yet to come….those poor people that lost their jobs. And the way they did it. Makes me sick to my stomach for them…Thank you Paddock Lake Aurora Pharmacy for your years of awesome service. I wish the best for you…..

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