Randall School Board candidates forum coverage

The four candidates vying for two seats on the Randall School Board on April 3 gave their opinions at a forum organized by school staff Monday evening.

Each candidate was able to give a short introduction. Then each answered questions from a panel of staff, with the candidates rotating the order in which they answered. About 30 people attended, most of them staff. No questions were accepted from the audience, but candidates mingled with attendees after the forum.

Here is video of the introductions of the candidates, Brandon Jones, Teresa Mortensen, Randy Nolan and Ed Zender:

Here is video of the candidates addressing how they visualize their role as a school board member:

Here is video of the candidates addressing how they will separate heir personal feelings when making a decision they know will be unpopular in the community:

Here is video of the candidates identifying a positive and a negative action the current administration has enacted:

Here is video of the candidates addressing if they were faced with a decision to layoff staff for budgetary reasons, what would be the best option for maintaining staff and the current healthy environment:

Here is video of the answers to the last question, what would you like to see changed at Randall School and how would you accomplish it?



  1. Randall School Community Member says:

    I thought the forum that was broadcasted was very interesting. I liked hearing the different opinions each candidate spoke about. I though Ed Zender cared for the community and the school and kids and could bring good thoughts to the board. Teresa Mortensen was wonderful. With her CPA and being an active person in the school could be a huge benefit to our already great school. Randy Nolan seemed to be talking in circles and not making much sense. He kept referring to personal vendetta’s. I believe with the current issues each school faces there are more important things to worry about then personal vendetta’s. If that is his concern surely he will not make it back to the board. We need Randall school board members to be a positive for the board and not a hinder. Looks like Mortensen and Zender could be the positive Randall school needs.

  2. I was suprised that it was STAFF says:

    It struck me as odd that the questions were by STAFF, that there were not citizens on this panel. Its like the emplooyees, questioning the bosses! No, it IS THE EMPLOYEES questioning the bosses. It should be the people that the Board represents asking the questions., i.e. the parents, the taxpayers.

  3. Randall School Community Member says:

    I agree…a panel of Community members should have come in and asked the questions.

  4. Concerned Parent and Taxpayer says:

    As a long-time parent of Randall I was actually quite concerned with what I heard from Mrs. Mortensen. It’s great that she has a CPA, but does she understand that she wouldn’t be the accountant of the school. There already is a very highly respected and effective Business Manager in place with 20 years experience. The idea of reviewing the budget seemed new to her as if she just thought of it, but the Board has always had a budget committee in place that has oversight. The school is debt-free (unusual in today’s economy!), fully staffed with great facilities. I’m just concerned from what I heard from Mrs. Mortensen that she may not understand her role should she be elected.
    Overall I was very disappointed in the tone of the entire forum, as most of the questions asked were negative in nature. There were NO questions about improving student performance or student experience. That’s a real shame, especially since the panel was all teachers.
    As to the comments about who made up the panel, anyone is able to hold a forum and invite candidates to speak. Turns out the Randall teachers are the only ones who took that step. If you’re really concerned about who asked the questions, next time put together a community forum or contact the teachers and ask if community members can participate. (several of the teachers are community members, by the way).

  5. Randall School Community Member says:

    Teresa Mortensen would be a huge benefit to the school board during these times of budget crisis. I’m sure she is fully aware she would not be the accountant of the school nor would she want to be. What she would bring to the board I would imagine is insight!!! Something Randall school could benefit from. Long are the days of the same ole members sitting on school boards making decisions for kids they have no connection to. Making decisions long after their kids have moved on. Concerned Parent/taxpayer…you speak as you have sat on the board before??? That makes me ponder your comments and hope that others dont follow your lead and follow the lead of new board members with great ideas to come.

  6. Teresa Mortensen says:

    Concerned Parent and Taxpayer, I appreciate your comments. Let me reassure you that I do in fact fully understand what my role as board member would be, if elected. If successful on April 3rd, I would be elected to the Randall School Board to serve as the voice of the community. My primary concern would not be to micromanage the quite capable administration, but to simply use my financial background and experience to enhance my ability to make sound, fiscally responsible decisions. As a parent, an active volunteer in the school and a taxpayer, my goals are simple. I wish to serve the school and the community with a fresh perspective and new ideas.

  7. I was suprised that it was STAFF says:

    In this election cycle, one would have thought that an all teacher panel (resident or not in the district) would have sought out input from the community and NOT been an ALL TEACHER UNION PANEL. THis might have been called a forum but it was an event to decide which candidate would protect the union vs the ones who will protect the children. I hope the votes protect the children and their education. Teacher’s Unions are for teachers. They are NOT for the students.
    I know who I am gong to vote for.

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