Playing chicken with trains a dangerous trend in Silver Lake

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Silver Lake Police Chief Dan Kingsley told the Village Board Wednesday that he and his officers are seeing more instances of children playing on the village’s railroad tracks.

One such activity is playing chicken with oncoming trains, Kingsley said.

“It seems to be kind of a trend,”  Kingsley said

Officers have been stopping such activity when observed or suspected, Kingsley said.

In addition, the police department will soon begin conducting train and crossing safety sessions for students at Riverview, Kingsley said.

“I think a lot of these kids just need some education,” Kingsley said.



  1. MakingSalemBetter says:

    I remember… STOP LOOK LISTEN.. crossing streets and tracks. EVERY SCHOOL in SALEM should be promoting this, not just RIVERVIEW. We have about 12 miles of TRACK with a potential of 65 trains a day on those tracks. We should be teaching. Silver Lake isnt new to accidents where locomotives won. The education should start at home, reinforced at the youngest of grades and each year afterward. Maybe Officer Friendly should include this in their program wherever they are!

    Dave, Do you think you can make this happen?

  2. Heather Thompson says:

    my feeling is that the Riverview school needs to offer busing services for all students that go to this school. Right now students in grades 5 thru 8 are considered walkers. Children in grade school should not be walking to school especially across the railroad tracks. Maybe if they were bused, there would be less horse play. Also should be considered is a safety fence of some sort by the tracks across from schmalfeldt park. Parks and railroad tracks don’t mix. The education classes sound like a great start!

  3. Matt says:

    Honestly, this is probably the most basic of common sense learned. I grew up in silver lake. Never once did I ever feel the need to play chicken with a train. It wasnt taught to us in school then either!

  4. Brian says:

    Heather- Walkers are not considered to be students 5 thru 8. Walkers are considered anyone who does not have to cross the rail road tracks. This is any age as well. Parents can students who live across the tracks can elect to walk but a bus is always provided.

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