Obstacles remain for Silver Lake train whistle quiet zone

Like yet another train coming down the track, the issue of engineers blowing warning whistles while passing through town — especially at night — came up again before the Silver Lake Village Board meeting Wednesday night.

A status report on village efforts to quiet the whistles was requested during citizens comments.

Village President Jeff Albrecht gave a brief update on the issue: in summary, get used to the whistles continuing at least for now.

Albrecht said awarding a place a quiet zone status depends on a point system. Examination of all of the crossing through Salem and Silver Lake show most would have to be updated to qualify — something he estimated to be in the neighborhood of $100,000 in cost. Some crossings also would probably need to be closed.

Federal and railroad authorities, by the way, would prefer that whistles continue to be sounded for safety sake, Albrecht pointed out, a position that found some sympathy with at least one trustee.

“Am I glad that they blow it for that reason? Yes I am,” said Trustee Barbara Ironside.



  1. Matt says:

    Normally, I definitely don’t mind. But lately, the engineers are getting a little ridiculous with blowing these horns between midnight and 5am..When most are asleep. There is no need to hammer down on the horn at that time of day..None!

  2. Anonymous says:

    We live in Salem east of 83 and I think the train whistle is ridiculously loud. We’re at least 4 miles from the nearest train crossing and we can still hear it at night like it was a half mile away. Is it necessary to pull the whistle 11 times in 1 minute? If we can hear it plain as day ALL of Silver Lake could hear it with less whistle blows.

  3. anonymous says:

    The 1am and 3 am whistles are ridiculous. They just hold down on those whistles for such a long time. I get no sleep and that is with the windows closed. Tell me who is out at 3 am during the week?

  4. ken says:

    Every crossing in Silver Lake has gates and lights. There is no need for the horns. Watertown has a no whistle rule. We should be allowed the same privilege.

  5. dawn says:

    I see this was posted in 2012 and here i am 3 years late. But we just moved here back in november and it seems these horns are being blared the longest and loudest at night. If we have lights and gates why must they sound the horn if theres no danger ahead of them? They blair them from miles away all the way through town. Pretty ridiculous. Sometimes i think the loudest longest horns are being done intentionally since the most noticeable horns are at night. Another thing we have to deal with is our daughter being on the spectrum and some things bother her creating a major melt down. She does NOT like train horns. She acts like its coming to get her every time she hears it. Do these guys say “Hey lets wake everyone up in town, itll be fun” ugh.

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