Downtown Twin Lakes traffic enforcement focus yields 59 warnings, 20 citations

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A concentration of traffic enforcement at Twin Lakes main downtown intersection and the surrounding area resulted in 59 written warnings and 20 citations from March 7 through March 17.

Police Chief Dale Racer instituted the directed patrol mission to address the traffic issue after receiving concerns from village trustees and several residents about violations around the intersection of North and South Lake avenues and Main Street.

The complete area that was targeted was North and South Lake avenues, between Hunt Avenue and Legion Drive with special attention to the main intersection of North and South Lake Avenue at East Main Street.

Lt. Dennis Linn supervised the operation. Officers dedicated 62.5 hours to the DPM.

The following number of warnings were issued:

Failure to stop at a stop sign-25.

Failure to signal turn-11.

  • Speeding-4.
  • License plate violations- 11.
  • Vehicle equipment violations-7
  • Pedestrian not using crosswalk-1.

Citations issued were:

  • Failure to stop at stop sign -5
  • Failure to signal turn-2.
  • License plate violations-5.
  • Vehicle equipment violations-3.
  • No insurance-5.


  1. Charles Nelson says:

    GOOD. I walk my dog daily around town. I see and hear things all the time.
    Hope they keep it up.

  2. Village of Twin Lakes says:

    How many people are these documents spread over?

    WARNING for failure to STOP at a stop sign? Must be that someone knew someone else. I depend on the OTHER GUY to stop. I stop. I expect them to stop. Really Stop not a pretend stop, or a kiss that stop but a REAL STOP. And they get a warning?

    No insurance….. ! aw, just like voter ID, we dont need it! NOT! Was the car impounded? I have insurance. I have insurance for under insured and UNinsurred because of these people. Costs me money to protect myself from these gamblers! They gamble that they wont get caught. They gamble that I will have insurance.

    Now comes Judgement. Will the Judge be lenient or use this as a lesson to protect my safety?

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