Paddock Lake president has coyote deterrence request

Photo by Christopher Bruno via stock.xchng

In recent weeks, Paddock Lake has seen an increasing number of coyotes inside the village limits, said village President Marlene Goodson.

“We are getting hit with an exorbitant number of coyotes,” Goodson said in a recent phone interview. She feels coyote sightings have been more common this year than in recent years.

We’re not talking about the outskirts of the village here either. Goodson says she has seen coyotes even in her inner village eastside neighborhood.

There are some steps that can be taken that Goodson says will help not lure coyotes into neighborhoods.

One is keeping yards clean of pet waste. Consequently, Goodson is asking all village residents with pet dogs to keep their yards extra clear of dog waste. The presence of dog waste tells coyotes animals are in the area — animals that may become prey for the coyotes.

Not leaving other food out for wild animals, like bread for squirrels, also will help, Goodson said.

Here is a link to a page on the Wisconsin DNR site about coyotes.


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