Driver in Highway C crash not located

The drvier of a vehicle that hit a pole along Highway C in Wlmot last night, knocking out power to the surrounding area, was not locatd by deputies after he fled the scene, a Sheriff’s Department spokesman said today.

At about 8:30 p.m., Sunday, deputies and fire and rescue personnel responded to a report of a single vehicle crash at 286th Avenue and Highway C (Wilmot Road). Upon arrival, deputies and emergency workers found a single car had hit a utility pole.

From Sgt. Bill Beth, Sheriff’s Department spokesman:

The vehicle struck and sheared off the utility pole at the corner. The passenger was located at the corner residence and was transported to the Hospital for minor injuries. The driver fled on foot. He was not located. The roadway was shut down due to low energized wires across the road. We Energies responded to replace the pole. The roadway was shut down for approximately 5 hours to repair the pole and place the wires at the correct height. “

Our original reporting on the crash is available here.



  1. How about an update on this? says:

    This was an accident that had an impact on a lot of people outside of the accident zone.
    Was the evader- driver- offender- ever found?
    Who was this person?
    The cost of the WEnergies work, the EMS? County workers?
    Any affect on the sewer treatment plant?
    Number of people-residents affected by the outage?
    Businesses affected?

  2. How about an update on this? says:

    I notice that Kenosha News didnt even make a mention of the collision!

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