Very few reported feeling earthquake

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The above map shows (green arrow) the epicenter of the Jan. 30, 2012 earthquake.
Did you feel the earthquake last night?

Me neither. But don’t feel bad. For all the stir today, it doesn’t seem many people felt, or at least were alarmed, by the event.

A 2.4 magnitude earthquake centered in McHenry, Illinois occurred about 9:55 p.m. Monday night, according to the United State Geological Survey.

As of 10 a.m. today, less than 10 people from Western Kenosha County have reported to the USGS that they felt the quake .

But I found another fact perhaps even more telling. Kenosha County Joint Dispatch received no calls relating to the quake last night, said Sgt. Bill Beth, Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department spokesman.



  1. Based on a comment earlier says:

    In jest I say, that is because of that State Line that keeps
    showing up between Illinois and Wisconsin

  2. Andy Lorentz says:

    Kind of ironic that this “quake” was centered exactly on the site of a huge fireworks explosion on July 11, 1973 that shook the ground for miles around.

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